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I sat at a corner table, hidden in the shadows, drawing tiny doodles mindlessly in the sweat on my wineglass.  Looking down at my index finger, I absently notice that I’m making figure eight’s– I chuckle, the symbol for infinity seems to be ironic.  I wipe my fingertip on the scarlet tablecloth, pick up my glass, and take a sip of the cool wine as I glanced over the throng gyrating on the dance floor.  I’m watching for him again;  Gabriel.  Our cat and mouse game is getting tiring, I’m determined that it will end tonight, one way or another.  I know he’s here.  He has always been drawn to crowds of adoring public.  It wasn’t a surprise to me when I found his latest haunt.  Just outside of a large university, a mecca for the young and less inhibited.  I rolled my eyes at the thought, he is so predictable that way.

An odd tickling feeling at the back of my skull snapped me out of my reverie.  He was here, and he knew I was watching for him.  I glanced up toward the VIP section, the coveted shrine behind the velvet rope.  Pompous ass, I thought, as I noticed that not only had he placed two hulking body guards between us– muscle-bound mountains with shaved heads, clad in all black, terribly cliche– but he was also sprawled lazily across a large throne-like chair.  His icy blue eyes were locked on me, as though no one else in the room existed.  His eyebrow quirked as he smirked at me, wordlessly saying, well, are you going to come see me?  I know you want to.  I hardened my gaze, and shook my head, cinnamon colored curls dancing in the flashing lights.  I sat back a little bit in my chair establishing my resolve to not jump because he said to.  The boning in my corset dug in painfully, but I held my expression and pose; I refused to let him know he had any effect on me whatsoever.  His shock was apparent, and I couldn’t stop the victorious grin that flashed on my face.  He leaned forward, bracing his thick, leather clad elbows on his even thicker thighs, barely contained in his black jeans.  He nodded his head toward the left, at an empty chair that was slightly smaller than his own.

I slinked off of my chair, and began to slowly sashay toward him, well aware that he is watching, captivated, savoring each moment.  As I weave through the masses, warm bodies brushing against mine, I teasingly slide my hands across the young men near me.  I bat my eyes coquettishly, and then continue on my path toward Gabriel, watching his expression grow darker.  Ah, dear Gabriel, jealousy is so unbecoming of you.  As I approached, the towers of muscle in front of the velvet rope moved closer together, massive arms crossed over barrel chests.  I cooly regarded the twin towers, and mirrored their stance, crossing my arms under by chest, and tapping my long, pale fingers impatiently against the velvet sleeves on my arms.

Gabriel chuckled behind the human wall and applauded.  “You always did have a flair for the dramatic, Celeste.  Let her through, she’s fine.”  Tower One unhooked the velvet rope while Tower Two held out a hand to assist me up the stairs; such a gentleman, that one.  I placed my fingers on his palm and mounted the stairs.  Gabriel’s eyes scan me slowly, from my stiletto boots to my curls, his gaze so intense I felt like he could see through my layers of armor, I was laid bare to his inspection.  “Come, sit, mon cher cœur.  We have much to catch up on.”


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Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, there was an imaginative little girl, who longed to be a writer.  While the world around her encouraged her to strive fork other goals– serious career, marriage, children– her heart wanted to write.  While her peers had dreams of becoming doctors, secretaries, or teachers, she wanted to become the next Anne Rice, or Stephen King.


Many years later, her dream is still there.  This time, however, instead of remaining a dream…….it will now become a journey.

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